Mission, Aims, Goals and Objectives
Emergency Medicine Residency

UF Health TraumaOne helicopter


To provide exceptional training that transforms new medical school graduates into board-certified, independently practicing emergency physicians who are capable of excelling in any clinical environment and prepared to assume leadership roles in their future medical practice.


To produce confident, inquisitive, and adaptable emergency-physician leaders through education and medical care delivered at our inner-city, high-acuity, safety-net hospital system, our resident physicians will:

  • Achieve the core competencies required to successfully practice emergency medicine, including professionalism, interpersonal and communication skills, the ability to provide safe and effective patient care, life-long learning aimed at continually improving medical knowledge and clinical practice, and integrating and influencing medical care systems to optimize patient outcomes
  • Participate in a broad base of experience in emergency medicine and all related specialties, including resuscitation, prehospital systems, toxicology, point of care ultrasound, and critical care
  • Identify and adeptly manage emergent, urgent, and non-urgent patient presentations in the emergency setting
  • Assume graded responsibilities for teaching, clinical care, and scholarly activity
  • Build the clinical, academic, and administrative skills necessary to become future leaders in the specialty of emergency medicine

Goals and Objectives

Our residency is structured to encourage a resident’s mastery of the knowledge, clinical skills and attitudes essential for the effective practice of emergency medicine (EM). Residents are provided the opportunity to develop their clinical maturity, judgment and technical ability under the guidance and supervision of a nationally recognized attending staff. Residents experience an increasing degree of patient care responsibilities in a high volume, inner-city emergency department. In addition, the residency offers a unique opportunity to broaden individual interests through exposure to a variety of EM related activities, including field operations, international medicine, EM administration, EM ultrasound, pediatric EM, and various departmental research opportunities.