Program Overview
Emergency Medicine Residency

Welcome to the University of Florida – Jacksonville Emergency Medicine Residency Program!

Our residency program, founded in 1975, is accredited through the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education and has an outstanding reputation as a strong clinical program with an impressive array of pathology and academic opportunities. As one of the oldest EM programs in the country, we have remained steadfast in our mission to produce confident, inquisitive, and adaptable emergency physician leaders through education and medical care delivered at our inner-city, high-acuity, safety-net hospital system.

Melissa Parsons, MD
Melissa Parsons, MD

I have seen this program from every perspective – medical student, resident, faculty, APD and now Program Director. The beautiful thing about UFJax is that while we are well-established, we refuse to remain stagnant; instead we strive to keep evolving, improving and adapting to the rapidly changing landscape of Emergency Medicine.

Our training program is a three year program, with a majority of the training at our county hospital with community ED and free-standing ED experiences available. The residents who are happiest in our program are those who come ready to work hard, who want to serve our county patient population and who are self-motivated learners who want to take advantage of the opportunities available in our department. We have a large, diverse faculty with experts in pain management, health policy, global health, wellness, equity and inclusion, ultrasound, critical care, drowning, and toxicology. We also offer fellowships in pediatric emergency medicine, medical education, ultrasound, and patient safety.

I invite you to explore what we have to offer and reach out with any questions as you consider whether our residency is the right place for you to train. We hope you’ll choose to join our ShandsFam!

Melissa Parsons, MD

Program Director, UF-Jacksonville Emergency Medicine Residency


To provide exceptional training that transforms new medical school graduates into board-certified, independently practicing emergency physicians who are capable of excelling in any clinical environment and prepared to assume leadership roles in their future medical practice.


To produce confident, inquisitive, and adaptable emergency-physician leaders through education and medical care delivered at our inner-city, high-acuity, safety-net hospital system, our resident physicians will:

  • Achieve the core competencies required to successfully practice emergency medicine, including professionalism, interpersonal and communication skills, the ability to provide safe and effective patient care, life-long learning aimed at continually improving medical knowledge and clinical practice, and integrating and influencing medical care systems to optimize patient outcomes
  • Participate in a broad base of experience in emergency medicine and all related specialties, including resuscitation, prehospital systems, toxicology, point of care ultrasound, and critical care
  • Identify and adeptly manage emergent, urgent, and non-urgent patient presentations in the emergency setting
  • Assume graded responsibilities for teaching, clinical care, and scholarly activity
  • Build the clinical, academic, and administrative skills necessary to become future leaders in the specialty of emergency medicine

Goals and Objectives

Our residency is structured to encourage a resident’s mastery of the knowledge, clinical skills and attitudes essential for the effective practice of emergency medicine (EM). Residents are provided the opportunity to develop their clinical maturity, judgment and technical ability under the guidance and supervision of a nationally recognized attending staff. Residents experience an increasing degree of patient care responsibilities in a high volume, inner-city emergency department. In addition, the residency offers a unique opportunity to broaden individual interests through exposure to a variety of EM related activities, including field operations, international medicine, EM administration, EM ultrasound, pediatric EM, and various departmental research opportunities.

How to Apply

For specific eligibility requirements, please refer to GME benefits, requirements and resources.

We participate in the Electronic Residency Application Service and will only accept applications for our residency through this process. All interested applicants should coordinate their application with their dean’s office at their respective medical schools. For more information about our program please continue to browse our website or you may always contact one of our residency program assistants by e-mail or phone.

As a member of the Council of Residency Directors in Emergency Medicine County Programs Community of Practice, we participate in the Unified Interview Release Date. All participating programs will release their initial interview invites at a pre-specified date and time and open our online interview scheduling program the following day so that students can anticipate when to expect their first interview invitations. After this date, we will continue to invite applicants on a rolling basis from those who remain on our hold list as interview spots become available.

The Emergency Medicine Residency Association maintains a nationwide map of all of the current emergency medicine residencies with links to their websites. The Council of Residency Directors in Emergency Medicine also maintains a listing of residency vacancies for residents currently in training who are searching for transfer opportunities. If a residency vacancy for our program becomes available during the academic year, we will advertise it on this site.

Additional Information/Questions

For more information about the emergency medicine residency program at the University of Florida College of Medicine – Jacksonville, please contact:

Mailing Address

Department of Emergency Medicine
UF College of Medicine – Jacksonville
655 West 8th Street, C506
Jacksonville, FL 32209

Program Administrator and Director

Mildred Bautista

GME Administrator

Melissa E Parsons MD

Associate Professor; Program Director, Emergency Medicine Residency
Phone: (904) 244-3817