Simulation Training
Emergency Medicine Residency

Simulation training at the UF College of Medicine - Jacksonville
Dr. Andy Godwin trains residents in the simulation lab at the UF College of Medicine – Jacksonville.

Our training program began utilizing high fidelity simulations in 2002. This placed the residency program at the forefront of the trend toward competency-based training and provided a better and safer training environment for our residents.

Simulation training bridges the gap between the classroom and the “real-life” experience by challenging the trainee to make critical decisions and allowing him/her to witness the results of those decisions in a controlled, patient-safe environment with faculty and peer feedback.

The EM educational curriculum has significantly evolved to integrate simulations into educational conferences, utilizing standardized patient encounters and skills lab stations. Moreover, our simulation education in EM uses advanced resuscitation equipment and medication in multiple treatment settings—including triage, communications, and resuscitation areas.

Faculty reserve dedicated simulation time at the UF Center for Simulation Education and Safety Research (CSESaR), which was established in 2005-2006. The EM residency program’s faculty played a critical role in the creation of this center, which provides simulation educational opportunities to the entire campus, across all specialties. This location offers a wonderful opportunity to explore a variety of training scenarios, including mass casualty events and multiple patient encounters.

The center has a wide variety of equipment, including three Sim Man (Laerdal) full sized simulators, used most often in residency simulation training. For a full list of equipment, visit the services page on the CSESaR website.