Goals and Objectives
Emergency Medicine and Acute Care Research Fellowship

Aim Statement: The aim of our Emergency Medicine Medical Education Fellowship is to cultivate exceptional educators who will contribute significantly to the advancement of medical education within the field of emergency medicine. 

Goals: We seek to provide fellows with the knowledge, skills, and attitudes necessary to excel as educators, innovators, and leaders in emergency medicine education. Through a comprehensive curriculum, mentorship, and scholarly opportunities, our fellowship aims to prepare physicians to make a lasting impact on the education of healthcare professionals, improve patient care, and enhance the overall quality of emergency medical training.


Excellence in Teaching: Our fellowship strives to develop fellows into effective and engaging educators, equipping them with teaching methodologies, curriculum development skills, and assessment techniques that align with best practices in medical education.

Scholarship and Research: We aim to foster a culture of inquiry and scholarship by supporting fellows in conducting meaningful research in medical education. This includes opportunities to publish, present at conferences, and contribute to the evidence base of emergency medicine education.

Leadership Development: Through mentorship and leadership training, our program aims to empower fellows to become leaders in emergency medicine education at both the local and national levels, advocating for positive change and innovation.

Interprofessional Collaboration: We encourage fellows to collaborate with other healthcare professionals to create a dynamic, interdisciplinary learning environment, reflecting the realities of emergency medicine practice.

Diversity and Inclusion: Our fellowship is committed to promoting an inclusive environment in medical education. We aim to develop educators who are sensitive to the needs of a diverse patient population and can effectively teach and mentor a diverse group of learners.

Continuous Improvement: We believe in a commitment to lifelong learning and continuous improvement in education. Our fellowship aims to instill a culture of reflection and adaptation among our fellows to stay at the forefront of evolving educational practices.

By the completion of our Emergency Medicine Medical Education Fellowship, our graduates will be well-prepared, confident, and passionate educators who are poised to shape the future of emergency medicine education, ultimately improving patient care outcomes and enhancing the preparedness of future healthcare providers.