Chelsea N Allen

Chelsea N Allen D.O.

Assistant Professor

Thomas D Beardsley

Thomas D Beardsley MD

Assistant Professor

Christine M Braud

Christine M Braud MD

Assistant Professor

Taylor L Brittan

Taylor L Brittan M.D.

Assistant Professor

Laurie S Bryant

Laurie S Bryant D.O.

Assistant Professor

David A Caro

David A Caro MD

Professor; Associate Chair, Educational Affairs

Michael H Carpenter

Michael H Carpenter M.D.

Assistant Professor

Jonathan A Clare

Jonathan A Clare MD

Assistant Professor

Cory R Clugston

Cory R Clugston M.D.

Assistant Professor

Ryan A Cocca

Ryan A Cocca M.D.

Assistant Professor

Gia V Coleman

Gia V Coleman M.D.

Assistant Professor

Elizabeth L DeVos

Elizabeth L DeVos MD, MPH

Professor; Medical Director, International Emergency Medicine Education; Program Director, International Medical Education Programs, College Of Medicine

William P Dishong

William P Dishong MD

Assistant Professor

Petra E Duran-Gehring

Petra E Duran-Gehring MD

Associate Professor; Medical Director, Emergency Medicine Ultrasound

Daniel R Eraso

Daniel R Eraso MD

Assistant Professor

Michelle M Escobar Medina

Michelle M Escobar Medina M.D.

Assistant Professor

Jennifer N Fishe

Jennifer N Fishe MD

Associate Professor; Associate Medical Director, Pediatric Emergency Medicine; Director, Center For Data Solutions

Barbara N Flores González

Barbara N Flores González M.D.

Assistant Professor

Emily Fontane

Emily Fontane MD

Professor; Director, Pediatric Residency Education, UF Health Jacksonville Pediatric Emergency Center

Paul R Fraley

Paul R Fraley MD

Assistant Professor

Kim A Fredericksen

Kim A Fredericksen MD

Assistant Professor

Christine N Gage

Christine N Gage D.O.

Assistant Professor

Sam Ghali

Sam Ghali MD

Assistant Professor

Steven A Godwin

Steven A Godwin MD, FACEP

Professor; Chair, Department Of Emergency Medicine; Assistant Dean, Simulation Education; Program Director, Patient Safety Fellowship

Kelly R Gray-Eurom

Kelly R Gray-Eurom MD, MMM, FACEP

Professor; Assistant Dean For Quality And Safety; Associate Chair And Director, Business Operations, Department Of Emergency Medicine; Chief Quality Officer, UF Health Jacksonville

Phyllis L Hendry

Phyllis L Hendry MD, FAAP, FACEP

University Of Florida Research Foundation Professor; Associate Chair Of Research, Department Of Emergency Medicine

Zachary W Hester

Zachary W Hester M.D.

Assistant Professor

Madeline M Joseph

Madeline M Joseph MD

Professor; Associate Dean For Faculty Advancement And Engagement; Chief, Division Of Pediatric Bariatrics

Colleen J Kalynych

Colleen J Kalynych EdD

Senior Lecturer; Assistant Dean For Medical Education

Dhanashree S Kelkar

Dhanashree S Kelkar MD

Assistant Professor

Jay D Khadpe

Jay D Khadpe MD

Associate Professor; Associate Program Director, Emergency Medicine Residency

Alexandra L Mannix

Alexandra L Mannix MD

Assistant Professor; Assistant Program Director, Emergency Medicine Residency

Mark S McIntosh

Mark S McIntosh MD, MPH, FACEP

Associate Professor; Medical Director, UF Health Employee Wellness

Matthew B McClure

Matthew B McClure M.D., M.S.

Assistant Professor

Lorraine Mendez

Lorraine Mendez M.D.

Assistant Professor

Thomas K Morrissey

Thomas K Morrissey M.D., Ph.D.

Associate Professor; Assistant Program Director, Emergency Medicine Residency; Clerkship Director

Justin A Nippert

Justin A Nippert D.O.

Assistant Professor

Ashley B Norse

Ashley B Norse MD

Professor; Associate Chair, Clinical Operations; Medical Director, UF Health Jacksonville Emergency Room

Vlad Panaitescu

Vlad Panaitescu D.O.

Assistant Professor

Aman Pandey

Aman Pandey M.D.

Assistant Professor; Assistant Clerkship Director

Melissa E Parsons

Melissa E Parsons MD

Associate Professor; Program Director, Emergency Medicine Residency

Shama D Patel

Shama D Patel MD, MPH

Assistant Professor

Shahnaz S Rashid

Shahnaz S Rashid M.D.

Assistant Professor

Luis E Rios, Jr

Luis E Rios, Jr MD, MPH, FACEP

Assistant Professor

Nathan C Roney

Nathan C Roney M.D.

Assistant Professor

Jay L Schauben

Jay L Schauben PharmD, DABAT, FAACT

Clinical Toxicology And Surveillance Data Systems Consultant – Florida Poison Information Center/Data Center – Jacksonville

Andrew C Schmidt

Andrew C Schmidt DO, MPH

Associate Professor

Shima Sedighi

Shima Sedighi MD

Assistant Professor

Andrea A Segarra-Salcedo

Andrea A Segarra-Salcedo M.D.

Assistant Professor

Sophia S Sheikh

Sophia S Sheikh MD

Associate Professor; Medical Director, Florida/USVI Poison Information Center – Jacksonville

Joseph R Shiber


Professor; Medical Director, Intensive Care Unit, UF Health North; Director ECLS Service

Dawn R Sollee

Dawn R Sollee Pharm.D., DABAT, FAACT

Professor And Director Of The Florida/USVI Poison Information Center – Jacksonville

Ian D Storch

Ian D Storch M.D.

Assistant Professor

Christopher Tana

Christopher Tana D.O.

Assistant Professor

Stephanie A Thomas

Stephanie A Thomas D.O.

Assistant Professor

Stephen S Topp

Stephen S Topp M.D.

Assistant Professor

L. Kendall Webb

L. Kendall Webb M.D., FACEP, FAMIA


Deborah J Williams

Deborah J Williams MD, MS

Assistant Professor

Todd W Wylie

Todd W Wylie M.D.

Associate Professor; Program Director, Pediatric Emergency Medicine Fellowship; Medical Director, Pediatric Emergency Medicine

Elizabeth V Zorovich

Elizabeth V Zorovich MD

Assistant Professor