Faculty Research Projects

Our faculty are involved in diverse research studies and educational programs. Topics include sepsis, geospatial, biomarker, precision medicine, pain, opioid alternatives, and Emergency Medical Services (EMS), which are funded by federal, industry, and private foundation grants. See below a selective list of active research studies.

Clinical Trials

principal Investigator Title
Elizabeth L Devos MD, MPH, Phyllis L Hendry MD, FAAP, FACEP & Ashley B Norse MD HostDx Sepsis in the Diagnosis and Prognosis of Emergency Department Patients with Suspected Infections and Suspected Sepsis
Phyllis L Hendry MD, FAAP, FACEP, Ashley B Norse MD & Shama D. Patel M.D., M.P.H. HEAD Injury Serum Markers and Multi-modalities for Assessing Response to Trauma (HeadSMART II)

Federally Funded Grants

Lauren P Black MD, MPH A comparative assessment of hypotension-time metrics and risk of adverse outcomes in septic shock (KL2)
Jennifer N Fishe MD Early Administration of Steroids in the Ambulance Setting: An Observational Design Trial “EASI-AS-ODT” (K23)
Jennifer N Fishe MD “Medication Map”: Using Geographic Information Systems to Create Custom Protocols for EMS Agencies (KL2)

Privately Funded Grants

Jennifer N Fishe MD RePEAT-Researching Precision Emergency Asthma Treatment
Phyllis L Hendry MD, FAAP, FACEP Pain Assessment And Management Initiative (PAMI) Pain and Opioid Stewardship Education and Coaching Pilot Project
Phyllis L Hendry MD, FAAP, FACEP & Sophia S Sheikh MD Pain Assessment and Management Initiative (PAMI 4.0): Developing a Pain Coach Educator Model and Integrative Patient Toolkit to Improve Pain Outcomes and Reduce Opioid Use in High-Risk Populations
Sophia S Sheikh MD Emergency Department Alternatives to Opioids Demonstration Program
Sophia S Sheikh MD The Aging and Integrative Pain Management Initiative Project

Internally Funded Studies

Principal Investigator Title
Elizabeth L Devos MD, MPH Understanding Patient Factors Associated with Readmission for Sepsis
Phyllis L Hendry MD, FAAP, FACEP Taking the “Trauma” out of Florida Pediatric Trauma Preparedness and Management: A Multidisciplinary Educational State Initiative – Self Insurance Program
Jennifer N Fishe MD Researching Precision Emergency Asthma Treatment (RePEAT): Pharmacogenomics of African American Bronchodilator Response
Melissa E Parsons MD Fertility and Childbearing Trends Among Female Emergency Medicine Physicians
Sophia S Sheikh MD Development of a Risk Prediction Screening Tool for Opioid-Prescription Injury (STOP Injury) in Older Adults Initiated on Opioids from the Emergency Department
Sophia S Sheikh MD Linking Epigenomics with Prescription Opioid Abuse and High Impact Musculoskeletal Pain (LEAP)